85 percent of single men therefore want a humorous partner.

85 percent of single men therefore want a humorous partner.

Are you a beginner? Then let an ice skating expert help you and say thank you with an invitation to mulled wine or delicious cocoa. As a professional, you can offer your strong arm to someone who may be a little insecure on the ice. The atmosphere is relaxed and playful – it is your own fault if you are not encouraged to flirt here.


Top 3 – ski slope

The ski slope is an ideal place to flirt. Holiday feeling, lots of fresh air, fun and exercise. That’s when the hormones get going. There are many opportunities: while waiting at the lift, while riding in the gondola, while warming up in the hut. Practical: There is already a common theme – skiing itself. And then there is après-ski. Celebrate, drink and dance in a fun atmosphere. Flirtation is in the air – grab it!


Top 4 – When going out

A classic that also works perfectly in winter: in the trendy bar, in the hot dance hall or in the rustic wine bar, you will meet lots of flirtatious singles. According to an survey, 52 percent of all singles are particularly open to flirting when going out, and especially on weekends. Of course, this also applies to the dark season. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by. A spontaneous, harmless flirtation not only releases happiness hormones, but may also be the starting signal for an interesting, lasting acquaintance.


Top 5 – On the Internet

Don’t feel like going out? Not bad either! After all, you’re not the only one caught in the winter blues. Characteristic for this: the retreat into private life. But instead of being lonely on the telly or being bored in front of the 1000 piece puzzle, do it like many other singles: Go online to find like-minded people. Registration numbers for online dating agencies skyrocket, especially in winter. That’s right – because only those who take their luck into their own hands will eventually be successful. So if you set the course for flirtation, then the chances of enjoying spring freshly in love with your new partner are certainly very good.


77 percent of the survey participants dream of a passionate Prince Charming.

Active leisure time together is an important criterion for 80 percent of women when looking for Mr. Right.

Will there be a second date? (Photo: archive) The first meeting is over. But are the signs pointing to continuation? Hot line or no connection? Whether you are waiting in vain for the redeeming call or can hardly wait to get in touch is no coincidence. Find out with the test of the online dating agency whether there will be a second date.

Online test Is there a second date?

Singles, watch out! Avoid initial mistakes

For 86 percent of all single men surveyed, tenderness is an important criterion.


Laughing together is important to most women in a partnership. 92 percent would like their dream man to be humorous.

Everything, except no wimp, can be the dream man. 77 percent of the women surveyed state masculinity as an important characteristic of their dream man.

What can be nicer than laughing together? 85 percent of single men therefore want a humorous partner.


For 73 percent of women, having a family-oriented partner is one of the characteristics that characterize the perfect partner.

Feminine types are in demand. According to the singles survey by, 84 percent of men want a particularly feminine woman.


The exterior also has to be right. 66 percent of the women surveyed pay attention to good clothing when choosing a partner.

Stupid men are not in demand. 92 percent of women expect their partner to be intelligent.

You actually liked the date very much. And still no call comes afterwards. What to do? Best to tick off, advise flirting experts. Sometimes, however, it can also be advisable to question your own self-image a little.

Serenity when looking for a partner

Nobody says that every date has to be a success. Sometimes it sparks and sometimes it doesn’t. This is normal and not bad at all. You should be clear about this before and after the date. Otherwise there is a risk that you will become too tense when looking for a suitable partner for life. And if you try to do everything right with all your might, you’re guaranteed to be doing a lot wrong. So if you don’t get a call after a date, that’s how it should be. Chasing after your dating partner usually doesn’t help.

No call? Look for possible reasons

If there is no call after the data, then you can do a little research for possible reasons. Don’t overdo it when investigating the cause. But a few minutes of pausing and thinking has not hurt anyone. So did you say something that might have hurt or deterred the other person? Did you and your dating partner just have fundamentally different views? If you can’t find a reason, then the chemistry just wasn’t right.

Check your self-image

If you regularly go on dates after which no calls come, you may want to take a look at your self-image. Try to describe how you see yourself. And then ask friends for their opinion. The more authentic you come across, the more likely your date will be a success.

You flirt with your best friend, let yourself be impressed by expensive gifts or feel too fat despite a zero diet. The quirks of women know no bounds and gnaw at the nerves of men. Our top ten most annoying types of women reveal which women you have to watch out for.

Ten types of women that men have absolutely no desire for.
Photo series with 10 pictures

fire and flame

The sexy Latina, with the bewitching look and the fiery temperament, is every man’s dream. But behind the flawless facade there is often also a nightmare: namely when the temperament turns into burning jealousy. The clothes fly out of the window, the dishes shoot through the air and even the beloved model car is not spared in the outburst of anger. You only dared to take a quick look at the pretty blonde at the supermarket checkout. When jealousy has no limits, men quickly realize that looks aren’t everything.

Naturalness instead of sham packaging

However, many women do not know this. When it comes to pleasing the male sex, they like to use all sorts of make-up utensils. "The more the better" most think so and are completely wrong. Bleached hair, false eyelashes, bright eye shadow and always a mirror in front of your face – the chick does not go down well with men. This was shown by a Forsa survey commissioned by the magazine "Image of woman" on the subject "How much cheating is allowed in optics?". A clear result of the survey: men tend to prefer naturalness. Around 75 percent prefer women without artificial embellishment. 

Ten types of men women should avoid
Photo series with 10 pictures

What men are not into at all

The number one sham package that men are not into at all is with 85 percent splashed lips. Silicone breasts are also an absolute flirt killer at 69 percent. Women should avoid artificial fingernails, jeans with buttocks and an artificial tan if they want to score points with the male sex. Every third man even rejects high stiletto heels and push-up bras.

The middle does it

But where some women put on too much make-up, powder and paint, others make no effort at all. We’re talking about natural eco-fanatics and stressed housewives. For them, personal hygiene is nothing more than a necessary evil. These women find it difficult to understand why so many women waste hours on beauty care in the bathroom. The answer to the question of how man likes it best is simple: the middle makes it. A natural smile impresses a man more than manicured fingernails, but unshaven armpits and greasy hair really don’t have to be.

A man has to be a man

But men are not only deterred by their appearance in women. Too much closeness also quickly drives the stronger sex to flight. Men just need freedom. Even if he likes to spend a lot of time with his partner, he is guaranteed to have a life outside of the relationship. Women can badly ask to give up this life. Even insecure women simply have to let their loved ones go. This is the only way you can show him that you have a life of your own. Because that’s what man stands for too. Ultimately, both sides benefit and a relationship is strengthened.

Love letters – embarrassing, cheesy and the snow of the day before yesterday? Not at all. A love letter can move you to tears, give wings to affection, and find a permanent place under your favorite shirts and underwear. Love letters cause heart palpitations even after decades. And even if they come from ex-people, most of them are reluctant to throw them away. The 200 gram praline mix in the heart box never manages all of that. Even flowers don’t stand a chance against a good letter: once given, the beautiful flowers wither after a week at the latest. So you should use pen and paper more often. It is worth it ..

Love letter

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I see them in front of me

You know a lot about the person you love. That’s good, because a love letter has to meet two criteria: It should be personal and believable. So imagine exactly how she smells, what she likes to eat and what music she prefers to listen to. You might even mist the sofa cushions with your perfume and steal a piece of your favorite chocolate before you make yourself comfortable. Remind yourself of her smile. Or the last nice day of summer vacation. Then you are in the right mood for vows of love. It’s nice if the phone doesn’t ring and the television is silent.

Love letter: simply adorable

The right compliment opens doors and hearts. However, if what you write has absolutely nothing to do with the person you love, you will definitely not get applause. Therefore, you prefer to praise properties or preferences that you know. By the way, compliments about small weaknesses are particularly popular. How about, for example, when you finally tell him that his habit of helping yourself from your pots of cream occasionally leads to the very caressing skin you love so much? You could also take the guilty conscience of your loved one about blocking the bathroom forever before going on a date free thai girls. After all, she emerges from it beautifully like Venus. And you like to wait for this beauty. Something like this strengthens self-confidence and puts you in a good mood.

"You are the brightest point on my horizon"

A love letter is exactly the right place for unrestrained exaggeration. Here you can compare the man of your heart or your loved one with heaven and earth, with stars, sun and moon.