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13 Factors Why Your Vagina Might Hurt While Having Sex

13 Factors Why Your Vagina Might Hurt While Having Sex

7. Genital dryness due to hormones, medicine, or anxiety.

Whenever intercourse is painful during penetration, it may imply that you are not adequately lubricated. Dampness is key and without one, penetrative intercourse could cause friction leading to micro-tears and discomfort. The tissue that is vulvar already fragile, but vaginal dryness may cause a large amount of discomfort during penetration. Genital dryness could possibly be brought on by a noticeable modification or suppression of hormones, Chavez claims, that may take place during maternity, menopause, or an individual continues on birth prevention. Stress may also replace the human anatomy’s chemistry, Chavez states, and bring about a loss in dampness.

“Medications, such as for instance antidepressants and antihistamines like Benadryl, may also cause genital dryness and impact libido,” Minkin states. You should talk to your OBGYN to find out what could be causing it and how you can treat the problem if you have vaginal dryness.

8. Not sufficient lube.

Even although you don’t possess issue with vaginal dryness, often the vagina’s own lubricant is not adequate to endure throughout sex. And therefore can cause vexation, friction, and discomfort during penetration or thrusting that is deep.