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                                       NICHERIE ENTITIES (present)

  1. AAAers Marine Design
  2. Airtelcard
  3. Air Tel Communications
  4. Alexander Financial, Inc.
  5. Anke Investments, Inc., a Nevada corporation
  6. Angel Drugs, Inc.
  7. Archibald Management, Inc, a Nevada corporation
  8. AREI, INC. 
  9. Associated Medical Specialists, Inc.
  10. Auto Credit USA
  11. Automatrix Financial, Inc., a Nevada corporation
  12. Berlaga, Inc. , a Nevada corporation
  13. Brentwood Medical Management Services, Inc
  14. Brooks and Associates, Inc., a Nevada corporation
  15. Brookscard
  16. Call Center Management , a Nevada corporation
  17. Call Center Networks
  18. Care Pharmacy    
  19. Candence Med Funding, Inc.
  20. Chelsea Management Group, Inc.
  21. Clinical Recovery Systems, Inc
  22., Inc.
  23. Coast Medical Specialists, Inc.
  24. Corporate Management Control, Inc., a Nevada corporation
  25. Corporate Resource Center, Inc.
  26. CMC, Inc.
  27. CMC Personnel Services, Inc.
  28. Digital Data Ltd, LLC, a Nevada corporation
  29. Durness, Ltd. (Israel)
  30. Edaye Investment and Associates, a Nevada corporation
  31. Enterprise Management & Investments Company, Inc.
  32. ESG Hospitality Management Inc.
  33. Federal Collection Union , a Nevada corporation
  34. Federal Transtel Purchasing Corp.
  35. First Progressive Services
  36. Gedese Management, Inc.  , a Nevada corporation
  37. Global Test and Repair, Inc. , a Nevada corporation
  38. Horizon Pharmacies, Inc.
  39. HZH Pharmaceutical Wholesale, Inc. , a Nevada corporation
  40. Kent Family Fund, Inc., a Nevada corporation
  41. Laguna Accents
  42. Lightning Asset Systems, Inc., a Nevada corporation
  43. Maxium II  , a Nevada corporation
  44. MDE Medical Associates, Inc.
  45. Merc Funding/Living Retreat
  46. Mercury Pharmaceuticals Distributors, Inc.
  47. Millennium Capital, Inc.
  48. Millies
  49. Milly Pharmaceuticals 
  50. Mondo-Garnet Balls & Pins, Inc. , a Nevada corporation
  51. Net Com, Inc.
  52. Nicherie & Assocs Insurance
  53. Online Recovery Systems, Inc. , a Nevada corporation
  54. Palazzotropic
  55. Pathway Art and publishing company
  56. Pizza
  57. Premier Billing , a Nevada corporation
  58. Ravincard
  59. Ravin Communications Inc.
  60. Receivables Management Group, Inc. , a Nevada corporation
  61. Savannah Financial, Inc.
  62. Savannah Management 
  63. Savannah Consulting
  64. SBN Venture Capital Resource Partners, Inc., a Delaware corporation and Nevada corp
  65. Sunrise Inventory Liquidators, Inc., a Nevada corporation
  66. Sunset Parking, Inc. , a Nevada corporation
  67. Telco Financial Services, Inc., a Nevada corporation fka Millennium Capital, Inc.
  68. Tech World Communications , a Nevada corporation
  69. Telecom Funding, Inc. , a Nevada corporation
  70. The Living Retreat Management Company
  71. The Travel Consierge, Inc.
  72. Titan Security Services, Inc. , a Nevada corporation
  73. TKC Management Systems, Inc.
  74. Transcom Finance Corp
  75. Transcom Finance of Delaware Corporation
  76. T.R. Properties R.E.I.T. Corporation
  77. Vineburg Vineyards Asset Recovery, Inc.
  78. Walls Etc
  79. West Coast Hardwood Floors, Inc. 
  80. Wilshire Executive Suites, Inc., a Nevada corporation
  81. Your Walls Etc
  82. 20-20 Vision
  83. 8670 Wilshire Corp., a Nevada corporation. fka Berlaga, Inc.                   
                            NICHERIE ENTITIES (past)
  84. Innovative Planning, Inc.
  85. Innovative Finance and Investment, Inc.
  86. International Trading Brokerage
  87. Guardian Life Insurance Company of America fictitious DBA in California
  88. Guardian Life planning of America, Inc
  89. Guardian Financial Services Diagnostic Centers of America
  90. Diagnostic Centers of America of California, Inc.
  91. DCA of California, Inc.
  92. Rotherford Financial, Inc.
  93. Rutherford Development Corporation
  94. Rotherford Financial, Inc.
  95. Rutherford Development Corporation
  96. American Merchants Capital Corporation
  97. Administration and Processing Company of America
  98. Anglo American Equipment Co. (AMECO)
  99. Anglo American Resources 
  100. Bethel Island Partners, Ltd.
  101. B.E. Partners, I
  102. B.E. Partners, II
  103. B.E. Partners, III
  104. Andiamo, Inc.
  105. Andiamo Investments, Inc.
  106. American Adventures
  107. Mansel Holding (or Mancell Holding)
  108. Butler Hill Development Development Corp.
  109. Carter, Hale & Lazard, Inc.
  110. Emmanuel Nicherie Trust
  111. H.B. Hotels, Inc.
  112. H.B.M.C.
  113. H.B.M.D.
  114. H.B.N.D., Inc.
  115. Huntington Beach Medical Group
  116. Huntington Beach Medical Specialists
  117. Industrial Medicine Services
  118. Investron, Inc. or Investron Ltd
  119. Laser High Tech Leasing Corp.
  120. List American Financial, Inc.
  121. List Investments, Inc
  122. List Investments Ltd.
  123. List Investments Ltd.I
  124. Martin List M.D.
  125. P.C.
  126. Medical Funding Corp.
  127. Medical Point Imaging Center
  128. Medical Specialists
  129. M.L. Management
  130. M.L. Properties
  131. MMA, Inc.
  132. Nicherie Family Trust
  133. Orah Wall Financial Corporation
  134. Orah Wall Research and Technology
  135. Orah Wall Agrotechnology
  136. Orange Coast Imaging, Inc.
  137. Reorganization Associates, Inc.
  138. Samson Financial, Inc.
  139. Superior Care of California
  140. Superior Care of L.A.
  141. Association of Oncology and Hematology Group Specialists
  142. Tidhar Trust
  143. United Medicorp, Inc.
  144. U. S. Financial, Inc
  145. U. S. Financial Investments, Inc.
  146. Horseshoe Bend Properties, Inc.
  147. Bethel Island Paradiso
  148. Global Development
  149. Yat Sun Laundry
  150. Yat Sun Industries
  151. Paralegal Associates
  152. Orah Wall, Inc.
  153. Lewis-Nicherie Associates
  154. Insurance Planning Corp.
  155. VTR Enterprises
  156. Greider T.V. S.A.
  157. Coast Medical Specialists
  158. East L.A. Clinic
  159. Pacifica Property Trends
  160. Beth El Limited Partners
  161. N.Z. Deveopment Corp.
  162. Em. ZN Trust and Terrigal Holdings, Inc.
  163. Clinical Recovery Specialists, Inc
  164. Clinical Recovery Systems, Inc.
  165. Medical Recovery Systems, Inc.
  166. M.D.E. Medical Associations, Inc.
  167. Ashkelon
  168. E.E. Nicherie Consultant
  169. D.E. Nicherie Consultant
  170. Newcomers Village
  171. M.R.S. Inc.
  172. M.R.I.-M.R.S.
  173. Aids Project
  174. Aids Concept Health, LA
  175. Mobile M.R.I.
  176. Alda
  177. Bio-Med
  178. Eddey's Pizza and Restaurant

The information set forth on this page was obtained either directly from the victim, from court records or other reliable sources and is believed to be accurate. This website is intended to provide a free exchange of information relating to the criminal activity of the Nicheries and this free exchange can only happen with reliable information. Should anybody have comments relating to the information provided herein, and elsewhere in this website, or wish to inform us of any errors, or report other facts or crimes committed by the Nicheries, they are encouraged to e-mail us with any comments, to