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How To: Secret Functions Muslim Pro Application For Tablets That Nobody Knows (Updated).

It’s why prayer times change throughout the year as days get shorter or longer and vary from location to location. The Council on American-Islamic Relations, the nation’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy group, sent letters to three U.S. House committee chairs asking them to investigate the U.S. military’s purchase of location and movement data of users of Muslim-oriented apps. CAIR called for legislation prohibiting government agencies from purchasing user data that would otherwise require a warrant.

One of those apps is a prayer app called Muslim Pro, which has been downloaded by millions. We don’t yet know exactly how the data is being used, but many users of the app have already reported deleting it to avoid being surveilled. Muslim Pro has confirmed in its statement that it has parted ways with X-Mode, however – “effective immediately”. Still, it may be too little, too late, as users continue to flock to social Muslim Pro app free download for android mobile media to document their shock. Plenty of users demonstrated themselves deleting the app, and others have gone on to leave negative reviews online.

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And it’s really scary for us kind of feeling like we always have to look over our shoulders and make sure that we’re OK and we’re safe. We generate droves of personal data every single time we use the apps on our phones, make a call, make an online purchase. We all hope that data is kept private, hidden away from people or entities that might want to surveil us, but sometimes it isn’t. We generate droves of personal data every time we use the apps on our phones, make a call, make an online purchase. The dudes who float between some cave full of munitions in vailed hinterlands and urban western business centers are the most interesting people in the world for the DOD.

  • The US military then purchased this information, though Muslim Pro’s statement refutes the claim.
  • Simply open up camera, rotate it 3600 to find nearest mosques, Islamic heritage places.
  • Muslim Pro sells data to the us government and probably also china.
  • These third-party data brokers—in the case of Muslim Pro and Muslim Mingle, a company called X-Mode—sold that anonymized location data to various contractors, who then provided it to the US military.
  • Bluetooth beacons in stores can talk to your phone’s bluetooth and pinpoint your exact location and tell stores how long you’ve been in a particular area.
  • The app and Quran have been translated into several languages including Bahasa Indonesia, English, Bahasa Melayu.

Developers of the Guardian app, which is designed to protect users from the transfer of location data, also published the endpoint. Motherboard then used that endpoint to discover which specific apps were sending location data to the broker. Location data firm X-Mode, which is different than Babel Street, encourages app developers to incorporate its SDK, essentially a bundle of code, into their own apps. The SDK then collects the app users’ location data and sends it to X-Mode; in return, X-Mode pays the app developers a fee based on how many users each app has. An app with 50,000 daily active users in the U.S., for example, will earn the developer $1,500 a month, according to X-Mode’s website.

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Islam 360 is an Islamic app that’s very much focused on spiritual features. The app offers complete Quran segmented by Surah and Parah. The Hadith section features the 6 most famous Hadith books of all time. The app is a complete spirituality package including variety of features such Qibla direction, Tasbeeh and more.

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