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LoCв„ў 22 Moreover it supplies a turn-on signal for aftermarket amplifiers.

LoCв„ў 22 Moreover it supplies a turn-on signal for aftermarket amplifiers.

what exactly is it?

The LoCв„ў 22 is a totally energetic, two-channel range production converter, built to transform presenter degree indicators to line-level indicators at its RCA outputs.

It features:

  • 2 networks of feedback, as much as 40 V RMS per station (400 watts at 4 ohms), via Euro-block connector
  • 2 networks of production, as much as 8 V RMS unclipped, per channel, via RCA jacks
  • Automobile Turn-On, via signal DC-offset or sensing sensing
  • Switchable feedback impedance:
    • 20 kО© or 60 О©, per station
  • Flexible Result Degree:
    • 1 V – 8 V every channel

Why is it unique:

  • Severely clean audio performance
  • Effortless setup
  • Lightweight size
  • Inexpensive
  • Extremely of good use

What is it best for? plenty of things!

1) put in a subwoofer up to a factory sound system.

The LoCв„ў 22 is fantastic for including a subwoofer amp to a factory signal that is audio. The LoCв„ў 22 will handle high input voltages and preserve the full low frequency response of the factory signal at all listening levels unlike passive line output converters.

2) link any amp or processor up to a high-power factory signal that is audio.

The LoCв„ў 22’s super-clean, analog circuitry is great for stepping along the degree of any factory that is full-range signal this is certainly also effective for direct feedback to an aftermarket amp or system tuning processor.

Listed here are optimum feedback amounts for JL sound amplifiers and tuning processors. Use an LoCв„ў 22 when factory amp’s production signal surpasses these levels.

JX: as much as 10 V RMS (High-Level Inputs)

MX: as much as 15 V RMS (High Input number)

RD/XDv2/Slash v3/HD: up to 8 V RMS (High Input number)

VXi: up to 16 V RMS

TwKв„ў 88: 7.1 V RMS

NOTE: If the factory indicators require frequency reaction modification or summing, look at a FiXв„ў 82 or FiXв„ў 86 rather.

3) avoid factory amp muting due to large impedance.

The LoCв„ў 22 features an input that is switchable, from 20 kО© (large) to 60 О© (low). The position that is low made to present a thermally shielded low impedance paltalk mobile load to factory amplifiers that mute outputs at greater impedances. (It’s just like a built-in FiX-LSA-4).

4) supply turn-on sign to a method.

The LoCв„ў 22 provides two auto that is distinct modes:

DC Offset: here is the favored mode, finding the tiny quantity of DC existing contained in many factory sound signals, and switching the +12V turn-on production on/off immediately, once the factory amp turns off and on.

Signal-Sensing: This mode can be used whenever factory sign includes no DC offset. It senses the sound sign and, as soon as this signal climbs above a specific limit, triggers the +12V turn-on production. Turn fully off it is automatic after about 1 moment of no sign detected.


How come the LoCв„ў 22 perhaps not feature a interface for a degree control knob?

Remote Level is most beneficial managed in the amp, and pretty much all JL sound amplifiers have amount control ports for HD-RLC, RBC-1, or DRC controllers. With this good explanation, we failed to consist of one out of the LoCв„ў 22.

How come the LoCв„ў 22 perhaps perhaps maybe not provide a bass modification function to fight the bass limiters present in many factory sound systems?

Bass correction features count on an estimation for the factory volume establishing, on the basis of the sign level present during the inputs for the LOC. This might be a method that is inexact playing songs that’s not just powerful in the wild, additionally differs extensively in normal degree in one recording to some other. We discover that these modification circuits can result in erratic bass modification behavior.

A significantly better strategy is to look for the volume environment from which the factory sound system starts to limit bass, after which establish the sound system’s gain construction such that it plays loudly at or below that amount. This nicely sidesteps the factory sound limitations with no unpredictable results. Many factory methods continue to be linear to about 75percent of these amount range, so adjusting the machine gains for many noisy, clean result at 75% amount will work.

Can two or even more LoCв„ў 22s be utilized as summing pre-amplifiers?

This is simply not the item’s design goal and it is not advised. That you use a FiXв„ў 82 or FiXв„ў 86 if you have signal summing needs, we recommend.

This great little nugget of analog sound handling had been created by JL sound Sr. Engineer Bruce Macmillan.

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